Friday, March 9, 2012

The Cupcake Kids

Over on the right of my blog, on my links button, you will see The Cupcake Kids.   

What are The Cupcake Kids?  Well officially, The Cupcake Kids are little people with big hearts for God and the imprisoned children of Africa.  Technically, my Cupcake Kids are on the bigger side of little as they are in their tweens, but they do have great big hearts for God and the imprisoned children of Africa.  

The Cupcake Kids raise money for Sixty Feet.  You can read more about Sixty Feet by clicking HERE.  

This year will be our first year participating in the sale and can I just tell you how excited I am?   I sent an e-mail out a few months ago to see if any of my mama friends would want to join in and I was overwhelmed by the enthusiastic support I received.  Since we live in a fairly rural area, a local preschool volunteered their building to host the sale.  We have lots of families on board for baking and manning (or "kidding" I should say) the sale and we even have our church’s puppet group set to perform. 

It’s a wonderful thing to have your heart set on fire for God’s children.  It is beyond awesome to see that fire lit in your children.  Oh, and the picture of the cupcake in this post was drawn by my sweet little neighbor boy, for our sale.

The Cupcake Kids represent how easy it is for everyday people and kids to make a difference. Go  HERE.  Sign up for a sale.  Send in your money.  Change lives forever.

 “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Luke 12:34

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