Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Some shoe companies offer a handout to those less fortunate when you buy a pair of their shoes, for example they will donate a free pair for each pair you purchase.  Those shoes may still be made in low wage factories in China.  soleRebels are different.  soleRebels are an Ethiopian company which offers a fair wage to their employees and are made from organic cotton and recycled tires.  We are talking about a fair trade shoe here!  That alone is exciting to me, but even better, their shoes are great looking and comfy.   

To be fair, I must confess that I am NOT a shoe hound.  I own less pairs of shoes than my husband.  I prefer to spend as little as possible on them (we are talking end-cap clearance rack of Target low) and keep them forEVER.  So for me to spend, $60 on one pair of shoes is major, but I did it and I am very happy with my new shoes. 

soleRebels are made in Ethiopia and each pair is custom made.  Sizing is easy with a chart you can print out and check your size.  The price includes shipping (all the way from Ethiopia).  From the date I ordered the shoes until I received a shipment notice was exactly 2 weeks and I received them within 3 days of the shipment notice.  I picked the TOOs xxYYY elite style shoe in Steel Blue.  They are a medium wash denim color; super soft and comfy and they fit great.  Only problem is, I want another pair now.  Maybe soleRebels will make a shoe hound out of me yet!  

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