Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sseko Sandals

It's been bitterly cold here in New England as can be expected in January.  I am dreaming of spring warmth and wearing sandals.  My feet are securely bundled under socks and slippers or boots 24/7.   Then last week Sseko, whose sandals I've been wanting to purchase for awhile now, tweeted that they were having a Pre-spring (I like that word, sounds so much more hopeful than winter) Sale and I couldn't resist.  Perfect!  That was all the motivation I needed to finally place an order. 

So what makes Sseko sandals purposeful?  They employ girls in Uganda during their 9 month break between high school and University so that they can earn money to go on to become whatever they dream of becoming, a doctor, lawyer, teacher.  Can't get much more purposeful than helping someone fulfill their dreams. 

I ordered the Allya sandals, this is how they arrive.

Tying them up is simple with the included instructions. 
The details - I ordered the Allya sandals.  The great thing about Sseko sandals is that the straps can be replaced or interchanged and tied in many different ways, the possibilities are endless.  You could even make your own straps, but Sseko has plenty of fabrics to choose from if that's not your thing.  Shipping was $5.95.  I placed my order on a Thursday and they were in my mailbox on Monday!  Now that's fast - especially since they came from California all the way to New England! 

I'll spare you the pic of my winter feet in them.  Head over to Sseko's website for professional photos, more info and some shopping.  Take your dreams of spring and help someone else's dreams come true.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Light Gives Heat

This post was meant before Christmas. I've had it mostly ready to go but then I got sick and this organization is just too good not to share, so, better late than never!  Here goes:

Charity doesn't work, work works.  That is the concept behind Light Gives Heat.  And I must say that although I hadn't heard of Light Gives Heat before I started this blog on purposeful spending that this was the concept that prompted me to change my spending habits and start sharing what I found.

Light Gives Heat is a non-profit based in Colorado that employs local artisans in Uganda, giving them a source of income.  

Combine that with my heart for Uganda and ordering products from Light Gives Heat seemed a given.  It only became a question of what. The choice was only made difficult by the beautiful selection they offer.  I admit, I selfishly selected Christmas presents for ME, but hey it's for the blog and it helps lift families in Uganda out of poverty so it's all good right?

Love the beautiful paper beads strung at the opening of the purse -
these always catch people's eye and admiration.

I chose a purse and handed the package right to my daughter when it arrived and said "this is what you are getting me for Christmas, just confirm if it is pretty or not."  Her response, "You will love it!"  And I do.  Not just because it's pretty, but the story of the woman that made the purse is printed on the inside. I enjoy showing that to people that admire my purse!

Casual and stylish!
I also ordered the slouchy women's sweatshirt.  It is casual, comfy and I LOVE artist Patrick Maxcy's design. 

The multi-strands of this necklace are already done for you,
taking all the guesswork out of how to layer them. 

And as a Black Friday special I received a multi-strand paper bead necklace that is just gorgeous.  The necklace was in a beautiful box.  I not only love their products, I love their marketing and design style. 

So yes, Light Gives Heat, it is all good. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Valentines with Purpose

The whole motivation behind this blog is putting more purpose in my spending.  So after Christmas my thoughts turned to Valentine's day and how could this time where we spend lots on Valentines for our kids' classmates that just create clutter and waste, be more purposeful.

I thought it would be great to offer Valentines that help others and of course, being a Sole Hope ambassador, that's the first organization I thought of.  So I headed over to my favorite online printing company and created a little Sole Hope Valentine.  I printed them at my own cost and am offering them for a minimum $1 per card donation to Sole Hope (100% of the money from these goes directly to Sole Hope).

They are standard postcard size and include white envelopes.  The reverse side includes more information about Sole Hope.


Wouldn't they be cute to hand out and raise a little awareness for a great charity and some money for them too?  Please e-mail me at if you would like to order these! 

Here's another idea for a purposeful Valentine.  Equal Exchange, a company that offers Fair Trade items has a 24 pack of Valentine's with Fair Trade chocolates (milk or dark) for $7.99.  Shipping is another $7.50 (or free for orders over $75). 

And lastly, this isn't a pack of Valentine cards, but an idea from a charity called Love146 that works to end Child Trafficking.  How about throwing a party around Valentine's Day to raise awareness for this issue?

Would also love comments on ways to put purpose in your Valentine's day. Please share!