Friday, June 22, 2012

Bar Shampoo

So I decided to try Bar Shampoo.  No plastic bottle waste, all natural, but it just seems weird to lather up a bar of shampoo and put it in your hair.  So even after ordering the bar shampoo, it sat in my closet for awhile until I worked up the courage to try it.  What if it turned my hair green or something?  Finally I gave it a go.  It is easier to use than I thought, just get your hands soapy and then put it in your hair.  I think that is the ONLY positive thing I can say about it, oh and it rinses easily.  A little too easily if you ask me.  My hair didn't feel clean.  I did use regular conditioner after on my hair.  The result?  Once dried and styled, my hair felt sticky, like the soap was still in it.  I had to re-wash with traditional shampoo.  I don't recommend!  Anyone have a better experience with bar shampoo?  Please share!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Reusable Lunch Bags - Revisited

Well, it’s been one whole school year using the reusable sandwich bags I blogged about here.  It was actually the first item I blogged about!  Will I be using them again next year?  Well….probably not, but I definitely won’t be switching back to disposable plastic bags either.  Going a whole school year without using disposable bags, buying them and throwing them out was SUPER.  But the reusable bags aren’t super durable or easy to clean up and they are kind of icky after a year of hard use. 
This lunch bag says it's been a rough year!

Even with that said, they are a great alternative to the plastic bag.  There are just some limitations they share with the plastic bag.

I am going to try a BPA free plastic, dishwasher/micro safe bento box style for next year.  There are many styles but I chose the ones from Easy Lunchboxes because they are reasonably priced (you can order them on Amazon and they are free super saver shipping eligible) and their website also offers great nutritious lunch packing ideas which I also can’t wait to try! 

Well, that’s my thoughts for now, I’ll keep you updated on my experiences.