Thursday, March 22, 2012

Hearts for Hearts Dolls

Without mentioning the brand name, there is a particular 18” doll that girls are fond of that can be very pricey.  I know, we own two of them.  You know the ones, with a few select boutiques with restaurants in major U.S. cities, their own magazine and website?  No doubt the dolls are beautiful.  They come with books that encourage reading and some even teach about history in a very real way to our girls.  But for 1/4th the price, you can get a similar doll that is NOT a cheap copy of these expensive ones I am talking about, but original in its own way; Hearts for Hearts dolls.

If you have heard the commercial for Hearts for Hearts dolls, there is an annoying little jingle that is played which I think has certainly not helped with their popularity.  Please don’t let that discourage you from checking them out.  There are 5 dolls in the collection, from 5 different countries.  Each doll has it’s own little story of how she is trying to make a difference in her particular country and community.  A portion of the purchase price from each doll is donated to the humanitarian organization, World Vision. 

The dolls are well made, and the quality of hair is much better than their more expensive counterparts.  There are also additional ethnic outfits that can be purchased separately for the dolls.

There is also a website that can be accessed by a code with each doll or outfit to create a personal page for the girl who owns it.  The page is like a bulletin board in which the girl can put what issues are important to her.  The dolls are fun and educational.  I have seen them at BJ’s, Target and Wal-Mart and they can also be purchased online from Amazon. 

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