Wednesday, February 20, 2013


"Fashion that takes a stand for freedom from human trafficking" - reads a caption on the home page of the International Princess Project.  Human trafficking enslaves large numbers of women and young girls in the world today, even in our own United States.  In India it is a huge problem.  I feel far removed from the issue but have a compelling desire to help in any small way possible. 

Purchasing a pair of Punjammies is a super easy way to help.  The International Princess project employs women formerly enslaved in prostitution to make Punjammies.  When you purchase a pair of Punjammies, you are doing so much more than getting a pair of pretty pajamas.  You are providing a living wage (not a sweat shop wage like those in India that have made the headlines lately) and physical and emotional after-care for women fleeing enslaved prostitution. 

So now you know why it is a good thing to purchase Punjammies, here are the technical details.  There are many wonderful and unique fabrics to choose from.  When you move your cursor over a  picture, it will say a.) what sizes they are made in and b.) how many of each size left  These aren't mass produced so don't expect unlimited supplies in every style and size.  Of course, I LOVE that. 

There are 3 styles to choose from, the Full (long length), capri and mini (shorts).  I am tall so I went with the long length. The size chart provided is excellent in deciding which size to order, as are the details about the type of fabric and if you can expect them the shrink or not.  As with ordering any clothing online, just make sure you read all the info carefully to make an educated decision about your purchase. 

Shipping was $6.93 for my order.  I ordered mine on the larger side and have washed my Punjammies in warm water and dried them and haven't noticed much shrinkage.  They are soft and beautiful and comfortable.  They even came in a drawstring bag made from the same fabric as the pjs!

The drawstring bag that is the same fabric as the PJ pants.

More information about the International Princess Project as well as links to purchasing Punjammies can be found at: or to go directly to the Punjammies shopping page,

Please share in the comments if you have purchased Punjammies and which style you selected. 

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