Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Fair Indigo

Made in the USA.  It's a rare find these days, especially when it comes to clothing.  I am amazed that even high end expensive clothing is not Made in the USA.  If I am going to pay more, shouldn't it benefit the worker that made it not just the designer or corporation?  Well, that's how I think anyway.  And apparently, it's how the folks at Fair Indigo think too.  And also like me, they think that should be true whether it is workers here in the U.S. or workers in Peru or any other country.

I ordered a long sleeved t-shirt from Fair Indigo.  It is Made in the USA.  On their website, it is clear where the items are made so no surprises.  The shirt is sized well (no "slimfit" paper thin t-shirt) and soft organic cotton.  I was worried about it shrinking so although I washed in warm on a normal cycle, I have been hanging to dry.  There has been no shrinking and the shirt is still very soft.  I am on the taller side and was pleased that the sleeves are plenty long as well as the shirt itself (I like a longer teee and this fits the bill). 

Shipping was $6.95 for the shirt I ordered.  And although the tee was pricey, consider that maybe instead of a handful of cheaply made t-shirts, 1 quality t-shirt is a better option.

A lot of people say they wish they could buy products made in the USA.  If you really believe that then Fair Indigo is a great place to start that trend.

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