Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Ode to Etsy

Surely you have heard of Etsy, kind of like an online version of a craft show. I LOVE Etsy. I joined the site a few years ago, just to browse but more recently have begun actually ordering things from the site.

Things I love about Etsy:
The items are unique. I ordered a stuffed animal for my daughter made out of a recycled sweater. It is one of her most treasured items. No one else has one just like it.

You are supporting small businesses and eliminating the “middle man”.

The personal touch. You are in contact directly with the person making your item, allowing for customization and heartfelt thank you’s for your order.

Inspiration. It is fun to just look at all the items for sale and be inspired to make something yourself.

You can shop for items that support your values, such as repurposed items, or items that support a family trying to fund an adoption.

If you have never ordered from Etsy, here is a list of helpful hints:
· You are not ordering from Etsy, you are ordering from a shop within Etsy (kind of like ebay). In craft show terms, Etsy is the building, each shop is a booth. Be cautious.
· Check the seller’s rating, read their reviews.
· Read the item description carefully and look at shipping prices.
· Start a conversation with the seller if you have any questions before you place an order.

Some of my favorite Etsy shops:

Auntiejans - Auntiejans makes clothes that fit American Girl dolls. They are very reasonably priced, well made and cute!

AdoptingNations – I ordered a set of pillowcases from this shop. They are well sewn and very pretty. Best of all, 100% of the proceeds go towards funding their adoption from Uganda!

Sweetpoppycat – This is where I got my daughter’s beloved stuffed Pug made from an upcycled wool sweater. Check out her one of a kind creations!

MermaidTearDesigns – My dear friend Lauren makes wonderful jewelry from beach glass, old buttons and vintage typewriter keys. My mom has a pretty pink beach glass necklace and earring set from Lauren.

Do you have a favorite Etsy shop? Tell me about it!

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