Friday, November 16, 2012

Christmas Cards, or lack thereof

I don't know how to address this (pun intended) without sounding like a Scrooge, but last year I didn't send Christmas cards.  Why? 
  1. The time and the stress of taking and choosing THE right picture, layout and words. 
  2. The cost of the cards themselves and the postage (we've moved a lot and have a long list of people on that list).
  3.  I already post pics of my kids way too often already - it's not like most of these people haven't heard from me in a year.
Was it hard?  Yes.  I felt guilty with each card I received, but I did let all my friends on facebook know I wouldn't be sending cards out and why. 

Did I cheat?  Yes, a little.  I took an offer of 10 free Christmas cards from a card printing company and sent them to people that aren't on facebook like my grandma.

What did I do instead?  I took the money I would have spent on cards (which really adds up if you think about it) and I donated it to a charity.  We had more time to concentrate on the true meaning of CHRISTmas.

Am I doing it again this year?  You betcha!  Some ideas for where to donate that $$ you would have spent on cards are: 

  • a local mitten tree, food bank or fuel bank
  • SoleHope ($10 sponsors a pair of shoes)
  • Amazima ministries
Are you in?  Comment below with your answers or suggestions for alternative uses for your Christmas card budget.

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