Thursday, October 25, 2012

Krochet Kids

The next series of posts will focus on purposeful ideas for Christmas and other holiday giving.  For a complete listing, please click on the gift ideas under labels for items I have reviewed in the past.  And as always, I welcome comments with your ideas or questions on ideas for gift giving.

So how about a pretty handmade hat from Krochet Kids?  They have hats for men and women as well as scarves and other accessories, and tees.  The crochet items are handmade in Peru or Uganda and the really cool thing is that each item is handsigned  by the crafter that made it.  This is SO special.  Not only can you see her picture and read her bio, you can actually send her a message.  LOVE THIS!  What a special gift this would make for someone to receive.
So as Krochet Kids says, "buy a hat. change a life."  Thank you Laker Florence for the beautiful hat.

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