Tuesday, July 10, 2012


I discovered Tukula when an organization I follow on twitter mentioned them.  I was SO excited to find a company that offers handmade bags from Uganda!  I love the website which introduces you to the beautiful women that make the bags and a video of how the items are made.  I purchased some clutches and wristlets as I knew I would want to have them on hand to give as gifts.  I placed the order on Friday and got confirmation that afternoon that my items had been shipped.  Oh joy, the package arrived on Monday!   These little clutches are so cute, unique and will make great gifts for tween birthday parties, especially with some lip gloss, a gift card or cash inside. 

Now to add to my enthusiasm, Tukula has announced a party feature similar to BeadforLife.  (I’m thinking this would be a great combo jewelry/purse party right before the holidays for all your friends’ holiday shopping, huh?)  Click on the Get Involved tab on their website for more information.

Over the weekend, I found myself in a highend purse store.  While I admired the beauty of the pricey bags, I could not help but think how much more joy I get from carrying a colorful Tukula clutch.  And if you are into one of a kind, you can't get more unique than these hand made items as no two are exactly alike.  Companies like Tukula make it enjoyable to be a Conscientious Consumer! 

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